Track By Tracks: Mars Addict - Lamecoaster (2020)


Drix: This the song I have written to make my girlfriend angry, I was aiming to mock Rollercoaster, a song from Bon Jovi, who is the guy that she loves the most. 

2.In My Head:
Daniel Capanga: In my head is our first song, I used this song to convince Rolf and Rodrigo to join the band.

This song talks about mourning. I wrote this song thinking how hard it must be to lose a wife/ the husband you love. To contrast with the sad lyrics, I tried to use a quick and happy melody. 

3.I’m Not Ok:

Daniel Capanga: I’m not ok talks about a relationship that comes to an end. It is never easy to understand how love comes to an end and why we punish ourselves so much thinking that we could have done something different. 


Drix: As a huge fan of the 50's Rock n' Roll, and how I love to create dark love lyrics I wrote this song with a crush on Vampire girls instead of a crush for regular , and I tried to leave the identity of the 50's on the riffs, melody, and solos.

5. Chibi:

Daniel Capanga: Chibi is a silly nickname I use to call my wife and vice versa. In this the song I created a fantastic and exaggerated universe to try to express how much I love her. 

6. Not your Song:

Drix: I wrote this song for my girl, because she was like "YOU NEVER WROTE A SONG ABOUT ME", and I was not in the mood to do it, so I wrote a Ramones Rip off at the intro, and tried my best to hide that this song is for her.
7 .Back To School:
Drix: It was fun to write about back to school and remember all the damage that we have made in class, I was aiming to write a song that I will love to listen while I walk, that's the reason this song is so paced

8.Snowboarding with my Dealer:
Drix: Following Dark Lyrics, and my passion for Christmas and Halloween, I wrote this song telling a little about my drugs problem at the time

9. Chainsaw Hedgemaze Mayhem:
Daniel Capanga: I have loved video games since the day I was born and one of my favorite games as a kid was “Zombies eat my neighbors”. The title of the fourth stage of this game is called “Chainsaw Hedgemaze Mayhem”. At this stage a new enemy appears, a hybrid of Jason and Leatherface, and he hunts you down with his chainsaw. 

We put a part of the soundtrack of that stage in the instrumental part of the song, as a tribute to this great game.
10. One Heartbeat:

I made this song as a gift to my brother and sister that are gay, and all LGBTQ+ community

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