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Behind The Artworks: Starcrazy - Long Way Home (Single) (2020)

Twas a pleasant Spring day at Petersham Park in Sydney's inner west. I was walking around the perimeter of the sports field listening to Hanoi Rocks on my ipod and admiring the Kikuyu grass when I came across a trading card that was discarded in the outer gutter of the field. It was worn and dirty, I could immediately tell it was from either the 60's or 70's. It turned out to be a Marvel Comics trading card from 1977 of the Norse god, Loki (Son of Odin, which also happens to be the name of Starcrazys' guitarist). 

The colours really popped and I loved the graphic style but what really got me was the back of the card. It featured the head of this demonic looking creature which to me, looked like a cross between Gene Simmons and Satan himself. I loved how mean it looked. 

This is where the ultra-talented Lachlan Bruce came into the picture. He runs a graphic design company called The Heavy Metal Factory and we had worked with him previously. We decided that for the EP/Single artwork, we would create our own ongoing character reminiscent of Snaggletooth for Motörhead or Eddie Iron Maiden. We wanted the evil look, but with a Glam Rock aesthetic. Lachlan came up with the colour scheme and character which he dubbed "GlamBoy". 

Lachlan was able to take the trading card aesthetic on board but then take it in his own direction. Myself and the band were obviously stoked with the artwork that Lachlan presented to us and with the small edition of the wheat sprouting from GlamBoy's missing tooth (reference to the 2nd verse of the song), the first single art was complete! 

We're continuing to work with Lachlan and GlamBoy will return on the cover of our next single and EP cover.

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