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Behind The Tracks: FOXHAUNT - Out Of Control (Single) (2020)

‘Out of Control’, stems from those moments of ups and downs that get on top of you as a person and how they can lead into self destruction. It can take its toll on someone's mental health and lead you down a dark path feeling alone. This is probably one of our most emotional songs lyrically and was written at a time where a helping hand was definitely needed. 

I think this song is full of surprises as well, you don't necessarily think it will have the hard hitting chorus and punchy instrumentals that it possesses. The drums though... I think this is one of the most clever performances from Jamie, he really showcases what he can do and they drive the song. 

As mentioned, there's a lot of emotion in the lyrics and it really comes out in the recording. It instantly clicked with our producer and we took the tones and grit from performing live to something our fans can listen to everyday

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