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Track By Tracks: Hadal - December (2020)

1. December:
This song was written in 2012 but never released before. It’s a tale of the cold winter, a gloomy tune with a blasting intermezzo. 

2. My River:

This song is a metaphor of the stream of life, the flowing water is our existence. It’s a slow groove with an evocative vocal line.
3. Red Again:
It’s a tale of passion, the burning flame of our emotions. A gothic verse that evolves in an almost melodic death metal finale.

4. Dark Water:
This track was released in the homonymous demo (2012). However, this version is rearranged and represent a classic doom composition, with an alternance of growl and clean vocals. It’s about solitude and abandonment, freely inspired by the Japanese movie with the same name.

5. The Obscure I:
This track was released in the homonymous demo (2014). As the song before, we conceive a different arrangement with a death metal chorus. It’s a tale of madness, visions, and what is hidden in our dark half.

6. Without a word:

This song was released in both our demos, and here it’s presented in the definitive version. Another tune that finds inspiration in the English doom masters. This is the description of a spectator of human dramas. 

7. Nothing Here:

This song was released in our first demo (2012) but the sound was not convincing at all. We wanted something powerful and here it is. The lyric is intimate, it’s about a childhood spent without much love around.

8. Cold Lake:

This track was written many years ago but almost forgotten in the ocean of time. A melancholic verse leads to an emphatic chorus and an inspired guitar solo. This is a tale of someone buried near a lake, abandoned without any memory. 

9. Stormcrow:

This is song was written in 2009 or even before, and it’s one of the first Hadal improvisations. It’s raw and direct, with a heavy guitar riffing. The raven here is the seer of the coming storm, always present in the human history.

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