Track By Tracks: Gorethrone - Descension (2021)

1. Descension:

Was written to be the opener short sweet and fast, we purpose like to keep it under a minute just to keep that heaviness.

2. Acid bath:

We were thinking of a slipknot-inspired riff and that's how the first intro riffs were thought of and for the spoken word part, he was thinking of something very much hardcore style.

3. Alpha:

Was it originally called Wolf's bane when we thought of the riff but as a lyric started being written we decided to call it alpha because the song is about a pack of wolves circling and killing their prey.

4. Celestial Noose:

This one was black metal to the core a fast tremolo riff that starts it off and gets more melodic as a song goes on, and the lyrics we're about god abandoning his people.

5. Necropolis:

The lyrics were actually written by our previous singer and we're about the pitfalls of religion, and we all love the beginning of the song where he says "maggot infested fuckhole", and this riffs for this we got a little more intricate with it and started messing around with different rhythms.

6. Big high war god:

This was written on the 7 strings just to be a heavy banger of a song that's why literally half the song is a breakdown.

7. Grim:

This song was the first song that our new singer wrote and it's about his relationship with his stepfather, we had been working on this before he came around but as soon as he heard it he's like that's the riff I want to use for it.

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