Band Biographies: Kill City

Kill City is a hard rock band, formed by Andres Miranda, Xavier Diab, Luis Neme, Juan Miguel Iturralde and Chemel Neme.

Established on 2019, and thanks to a long standing friendship between it’s members, what started as an idea, quickly became a musical reality. Aside from the 2 Neme brothers being part of the band, other members of Kill City were also bandmates several years ago.

Their influences are Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, Kill City’s compositions cover a broad variety of styles and elements within rock music. After 12 months of song writing, the band already has 1 published Album, Last Man Standing, composed of 11 songs and 15 more songs ready to record for their second album. 

From Classic Rock to Power Metal, Kill City aims to transmit energy through their music, with a freedom of style.


Chemel Neme – Vocals
Andres Miranda – Bass
Luis Neme – Drums
Xavier Diab – Guitar
Juan Iturralde – Guitar




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