Band Biographies: MUTANT BLAST

Mutant Blast is a metallic death ‘n’ roll band hailing from Southern Finland. The band strives to create a harsh and distinctive sound with influences ranging from classic metal to more extreme crunching. Mutant Blast was founded in August 2020, but the band members have a long history within the Finnish metal scene, having been part of such bands as Chaos Creation and Witheria.

”Mutant Blast recorded their debut EP in February 2021. Their first single "Blades of Steel" was released in April 2021 and the EP will be released in September 2021.” 

Mutant Blast are:

Tomi Malinen – vocals & guitar
Toni Huhtiniemi – guitar & b.vocals
Juha Lähde – bass
E-S Kuikka - drums

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