Behind The Artworks: Bang Bang Firecracker - See Evil (2021)

Metallica went Black - This is our RED album. That was the very initial concept. We got reviewed as ANGSTY with the debut. So we wanted to play on that and introduce a red theme using the reverse of a common cliche. We flipped that cliche and came up with See Evil, Hear Evil, Speak Evil. We collaborated with a fantastic photographer in Jessica Boothroyd and reconnected with Francesca who is one of the 3 dancers from our debut single / video shoot for "Hellbent for Pleasure". Francesca was (and is) somewhat of a superstar on Instagram and we were thrilled to get her on board for the cover shots. The Red theme, the photography and design runs across all three Ep's. The physical CDs can be boxed upon the final release - We put a ton of work into getting the concept right - the printed artwork looks stunning :))

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