Behind The Tracks: Ronx - Drug In Me (Single) (2021)

Latest single ‘Drug in Me’ follows suit, a contagiously catchy track about love and heartbreak. Influences of Neck Deep and 5SOS are notable but not overbearing here, with all the bounce of a pop-punk summer anthem. Drug in Me’s anthemic crescendos outro really solidifies Ronx’s song-writing ability and will have you hitting replay again and again.

Vocalist/guitarist Miguel speaks on what it was like working with Jayden Seeley (With Confidence) on this track: “This single was probably one of the most collaborative songs we’ve ever written. Having Jayden as our producer really helped us think about music differently and really made our song come to life using techniques we never used before.”

Ronx are an incredibly exciting band that know how to capture your attention and keep it with each and every track they release. ‘Drug in Me’ is arguably Ronx’s best song to date, and it is clear that they are not looking to slow this momentum down any time soon.

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