Behind The Tracks: A Somerset Parade - Clementine (Single) (2021)

“Since the release of our single 'Clementine', it’s become more and more obvious to our fans that the pop-punk band we started out as has evolved into something a lot heavier. It was always our intention to push the envelope further with Alpha and give it more of a nu-metal vibe as that’s the genre we all cut our teeth on.

The writing process for Alpha was really organic and collaborative. We spent a week in an air BnB nestled in the mountains up in Maleny with all of our gear and recording equipment. It really helped us to focus collectively on a single idea and explore what it could be. Then it was just a matter of re-recording things in the studio and beefing it up with synths, samples and all kinds of wild stuff.

Lyrically the song started with the Norse myth of Fenrir. We took that story and applied a broader metaphor to it which is being held back from reaching your potential or goal for whatever reason, and then fighting back against what is stopping you, really going for broke, do or die, ‘swallow the sun.”

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