Track By Tracks: Bang Bang Firecracker - See Evil (2021)

1. Unleash the Devil:

That's the slow grind for this Album. We've worked on darkening the musical palette in places for the next selection of tracks. In doing so we've taken those dark and dissonant tones and introduced them into the NWOCR style which i haven't heard many bands do, if any? Dynamically its a push for us too - Our Debut "Welcome to the Slaughterhouse" from 2018 was full on , we've really tried to strip this track back and slow things down. Lyrically i always think that the listener should discover and interpret the song for themselves - BUT its about getting p*ssed off with life, and then losing your sh*t. "Unleash the Devil, Flat line the high times and Fire at Will" - That is when the line has been crossed and the crimson mist descends...

2. G.F.Y:

This needs little explanation other than the title translating to "Go F... Yourself. This concept actually stems from the wording on Chris Holmes trousers. There is a back story with a UK tour and direct inspiration from Chris himself (of W.A.S.P fame) in what led to me writing the debut; "Slaughterhouse" and going on to create Bang Bang Firecracker. We've made an anthem out of Chris Holmes' trousers - i think that'd make him smile!

3. Chase the Wasted:

The fastest track on the Album. Its more classic Bang Bang and written in a similar vein to Immortalize and Witch Proof off our debut. Its got a Motorhead pace to it and its the first track we've written that we felt wouldn't benefit from a Guitar Solo! - We didn't want anything other than a flat out Overkill style track.... We do pause for breath, mid track for 4 bars! Lyrically - This is based on real life experience. Its got a very positive message.. "One life fire it up - Don't stop, give it all" ... and the Chorus states "No time to Chase the Wasted". Its about trying damn hard at what you want to do and dropping the people who hold you back.

6 more tracks to come that will combined in parts 2 and 3 of this much anticipated album :)

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