Track By Tracks: Dimentianon - Dreaming Yuggoth (2021)

Dreaming Yuggoth which comes from a fictional planet in the Cthulhu Mythos of H. P. Lovecraft. It is deemed to be located at the very edge of the Solar System. To us it fits perfectly as a band and individuals we walk alone and are not of this world and dream and see ourselves far beyond what the everyday realities are.

1. Undying Bliss:

I rip and tear at my skin, cuts, etc... .It is an endless pleasure.

2. Dwelling Into Madness:

My thoughts, past, present, future can drive me mad.

3. Her Discordant Majesty:

Is a statement of rage against one who held pure contempt for us.

4. ...Till Our Last Breath:

How so many are willing to stay in line, and live as drones and not think for themselves, while the powers that be drain every ounce of life out of them.

5. Smoke Rising:

Looking at the end of all existence in all its glory and feeling content

6. Dreaming Yuggoth:

The cover art and the instrumental reflect the same vision as the full album does. Read at The bottom.

7. Beyond The Scree:

Lyrically ties in with the infinite talisman song describing attempts to communicate with the deceased

8. Arx Laetus:

Are you living the life you want or think you should?

9. The Infinite Talisman:

Is a personal response to death and the possibility of connecting beyond the Earthly realm

10. The Path Less Travelled:

If you follow you can fit in perfectly or so it would seem. If you stray you will be free. Was it worth it?

11. Existential Reckoning:

A self-reflection and critical analysis of human behaviors tied to routine and traditions

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