Band Biographies: Beneath The Void

The band was founded by former drummer Khrul (drums, Funebre, Nocrul, Skullthrone, etc.) in 2007 under the name Kill With Hate. Tamás Meilinger (bass guitar) and Ákos Olt (guitar, ex-Archaic), and Márton Hartvig (guitar) joined in 2007.

Things started to pick up in 2008 when Hungarian underground veteran Krisztián Gyémánt joined on vocals.

In 2009 the band recorded their debut EP Evolution of the Beast, and it was released in 2010 after Khrul was replaced by Bence Turcsák. The EP had good reception in the Hungarian underground.

In 2011 Tamás Meilenger left the band and was replaced by Patrik Pornói who also joined on vocals. Around this time the band was working on their first full-length album. The recording started in 2012 in No Silence Sound studio in Gyula.

In 2013 the album was released self-published in Hungary and by Canadian PRC records internationally.

In 2015 Márton Hartvig left the band but contributed a final song to the EP Grief called “Fuck Humans”. He was replaced by an Underground veteran Attila Kovács (Sear Bliss, ex-Watch My Dying, ex-Superbutt).

The band started working on their follow-up LP …Into Oblivion in late 2016. After many years of delays the band decided that the new sound of the material needs a more suiting name, so in 2021 the album was release under the new name Beneath The Void. The new LP and the new name also brought changes in line-up. After 6 years of working together Attila Kovács decided to leave the band. He was replaced by Tibor Szokán (ex-Symmetry of the Void).

Beneath the void:

Krisztián gyémánt – vocals, Patrik Pornói – bass, vocals, Ákos Olt – Guitar Tibor Szokán – Guitar, Bence Turcsák – drums.

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