Behind The Artworks: Hexenklad - Heathenheart (2021)

The album artwork, created through wood burning, by Darek at Black Forest Forge, is meant to invoke many of the stories and ideas spoken about in the lyrics of the album. From the Canadian Maple Leaf and Moose skull, showing who we are and where we come from; to Huginn and Muninn sitting on the God Poles, which are representative of not only both of Odin’s Ravens and Odin and Freya, but also two ravens and two actual God Poles that can be physically found at a place called the Knoll which is written of in the lyrics; to the wolf pack, which is written of in our first single and the song which we have an Official video for “Heathenheart”; to the majestic Mountains which are spoken of in one song; to the slain soldier standing behind his daughter who is dressed for war, which is a powerful image from one song and an ode to my Veteran friends; to Odin’s eye at the top watching all. The more you read the lyrics the more you will see it reflected in the album cover. With only some rough sketches and a bunch of notes and ideas from us, Darek did an excellent job interpreting our vision and we are very proud of how it turned out.

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