Behind The Artworks: Manfrea - Noire (2021)

The album artwork, originally created by “TJ-art Rock Design” only for Manfrea merchandise, images a woman slightly blurred upon the grey background. The image of a girl on the cover symbolizes the desire for a better life, as well as acceptance of oneself, including along with negative sides, if they do not contradict humane values.

It’s hard to read but there is a small print “tattooed” on the girl’s face — “Let’s keep it a secret”. Is it a reference to early Bring Me The Horizon or just an excerpt from Manfrea’s song “Rituals”? Even the band is not really sure. There was a quite different version of the artwork made by Christian, a vocalist of Manfrea, in 2018 with another woman in the front. But he rejected it by himself during the recording sessions because of its cartoon and clichéd retrowave stylistic.

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