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Track By Tracks: IRONWILL - Breakout (2021)

1. As Fast as Rock and Roll: 

There is a solution to live "on the top", to close the insides holes where mice and cockroaches pass by and live as fast as rock’n’roll

2. Breakout:

The awakening of one's awareness leading to the elevation of the highest step; maturity expands. Rock with classical and lyrical influences in the kaleidoscopic spectrum of the colours of evolution.

3. Gravity:

Interior strength to counteract the gravitational force of negativity that tries to crush energies. Heavy-rock that echoes the lyrics.

4. Prince:

The dialogue between the two people who coexist in the same soul, a dialectic that allows you to become the Prince of your own life without puppeteers. Funky-rock that follows the flow of the soul exchange

5. Save Me:

And yet we are condemned to look for the love that completes us. There are many types of love including domination that results in violence against women. The sin that cannot be forgiven. A ballad with classical sounds to guide us in our reflection on violence.

6. Sad Night:

It is hard to escape the memories of past sadness, the night brings back nightmares. Hard rock that builds awareness of one's mistakes.

7. Step By Step:

Funky rock to give an energising boost to the dance of life.

8 True Or Not:

The strength to fall seven times and get back up eight times. Acoustic ballad with country influences.

9. Try On The Other Side:

There is a Mr Hyde hiding in all of us, it is up to us to make the jump out of this duality.

10. Wind And Talk: 

ife is imposed on us, but it is up to us to live it or suffer it. Those who can, do it; those who cannot, are only able to criticise the decisions of those who can

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