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Track By Tracks: Rebel Priest - Lost In Tokyo (2021)

1. Lost in Tokyo:

Based on a true story from our 2019 trip over there, cooked up from real experiences, places we went and people we met. it's a call out to all things we took in!

2. Back Alley Blues:

Bluesy rock song about partying with your buddies late at night in search of a mythical street band that’s supposed to be performing somewhere in your city.

3. Vulgar Romance:

I love the riff in this one, great vocal melody from Nate on this as well. Some darker-themed lyrics about the other side of love.

4. When the Whip Comes Down:

Cover of classic Canadian metal band “Slash Puppet”, this one was Jayme’s suggestion to the table; we all throw in cover ideas now and again. But this one really came to life! stoked on how it turned out.

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