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Track By Tracks: Scattered Storm - Oblivion (2021)

1. Aeon Flux:

Aeon Flux was the first song guitarist Kevin Armstrong wrote and sent to drummerJay Arriaga. The song lyrically focuses on a lot of fake friendships and backstabbing. The song musically is very percussive and has a very tribal feel all throughout. Its pulse is steady as the beating heart while there is all this chaos and aggression behind it. Vocalist Andre Acosta took that aggression very well and kept by growling continuously and not singing clean vocals. Again the primal aspects continue up until the end where it is obvious with the tribal chants that the ending breakdown is about to destroy. This was done intentionally to kick ass live.

2. Under The Fire:

Under The Fire lyrically touches upon a recent shooting that happened in our town. Musically it began with Jay Arriaga using an eight-string to create syncopated riffs that melted into a steady groove of legato slides on the guitar. Then transitioning to machine riffs to Mediterranean landscapes in the middle with climaxing vocals making a segway to the ethereal brutal ending.

3. Kingslayer:

Kingslayer came about guitarist Kevin Armstrong watching Godzilla too much. We felt this song really encompasses the overall sound of the band because it has pretty much everything we wanted to throw in there. Big vocals, big guitars, pummeling bass, but most importantly that heavy ass steady groove, which will get some of these headbanging necks a run for their money. It has movements that change a lot, but keeps pumping until the Stanley Kubrick inspired space like ending. Lyrically, it touches on a couple of religious subjects plus the philosophical, but mostly focusing on letting go of all of that and being free of the mind and spirit.

4. Empty:

Empty is heavily influenced by drummer Jay Arriaga’s progressive metal influences. Jay lyrically took from the occult and Aleister Crowley by having our vocalist Andre Acosta read from his works mixing it with his own lyrics. Answer and response represent talking to oneself. Then the orchestral arrangement of the keyboards played by Jay emphasizes that chaotic battle. Several movements escalate to the pivotal moment at the end of the song. Lyrically, it focuses on the inner self, depression and relationships with people that struggle with that. Basically, the theme is the darkness of the mind.

5. Necronomicon:

Necronomicon came about guitarist Kevin Armstrong and drummer Jay Arriaga’s love for HP Lovecraft books. But the main riff Jay wrote it out of despair for losing a loved one. The steady chug of the guitar conveys almost a walk to the underworld. The world of the dead, which explodes into the Chtulu scream. The song continues to pound and chug until the end bringing all this chaos to an end. Andre Acosta vocally pretty much left it all there, like if the song itself tore him apart. Lyrically it develops on the title of the song, wondering about the fantasy and the underworld.

6. Scattered Storm:

Scattered Storm was finalized by drummer Jay Arriaga when rewriting it on a purely electronic form. Heavily influenced by soundtracks and video games. Jay also wrote the lyrics based on letting go of loved ones when they perish from this world. Very climatic and ethereal. The song has a very nice concluding piano note at the end which denotes the end overall of the whole album. Short and straight to the point. Both drummer Jay Arriaga and vocalist Andre Acosta sing this song. Guitars played by Kevin Armstrong and all electronics by Jay Arriaga.

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