Track By Tracks: Summoner’s Circle - Chaos Vector (2021)

BLIND – The CHAOS VECTOR album is a concept album. A Lovecraft inspired cosmic horror story that I've had in mind for years. A short story was written to coincide with the release of the album and is available to read on our website for all who are interested. The album tells this same story through the music and goes as follows:

1. The Message:

The Message is an instrumental intro of ambient noises found in deep sea recordings and space recordings. It also contains some creepy vocalizations, guitar, and keys to help set the tone of the story to come.

2. Of Black Horizons:

Of Black Horizons is the beginning to the story and a warning of how getting involved with occult practices of cosmic horror will only lead to insanity and death. It's a fast and chaotic piece that pounds the point home of the sinister evil contained inside such curiosity of the arcane.

3. Vessel:

Vessel tells the story of how the main character comes to own an ancient vessel that holds the imprisoned spirits of 77 demons, or gods, of an unknown realm. The vessel calls to him and haunts him until, in a fit of tormented rage, he breaks it open, thus releasing the evil within which is then bound to him. Vessel was written to feel unsettling. It holds some of our old doom metal roots and mixes it with black metal for a haunting and savage chapter of the story.

4. The Hierophants:

The Hierophants is a history lesson of The Six, the main antagonists of the story and the members of Summoner's Circle. The main character is informed of their curious and unholy history with those that have encountered them in the past. Since it is a history lesson of The Six, the song begins with a folk-metal vibe that turns epic before becoming unhinged and intense by the songs' end.

5. Apostasy:

Apostasy is a heavy hitter in which the main character feels he's gotten in over his head and tries to escape the cult of The Six. He has seen many horrible acts and has partaken in them, himself. He is scared and afraid of what he might unleash if he continues down this path, but, leaving the practice labels him an apostate as the wheels are already too far in motion to turn back now.

6. Chaos Vector:

The title track of the album is the most chaotic song on the album. The main character, by now, has been locked up in an asylum. He tries to warn people of the evil he has unleashed but he is only seen as a madman. He self-harms to try and make the torment of what he's done go away, but it will not. It only becomes worse. The evil feeds off his torment. This was the first song written for this album, and while the drums on the album were recorded by our drummer, Invictus, the drums were composed by Yanic Bercier of Quo Vadis and Gone in April. He is also featured as the drummer in the Chaos Vector music video, as Invictus had not yet joined Summoner's Circle at this time.

7. Terminus Egress:

Terminus Egress is the most emotional song on the album. It's a sad epic of loss because the main character has escaped the asylum but his tormentors demand that he sacrifice his only son to them. When he refuses to do so, he commits suicide in the presence of his wife and newborn son. The Six vow that his bloodline will be cursed until the day that one of his ancestors complete his work and open a way in for the eldritch horror to consume all. This song also features Julie Belanger Roy, of Gone in April, on violin, viola, and opera vocals.

8. Chrysalis:

Chrysalis is a piano interlude by our keyboardist, Hex. It is meant to convey the passing of time as the characters' bloodline continues but is tortured. That is, until the right descendant of the main character is chosen to be the one to finish what his ancestor started centuries ago.

9. The Beyond:

The Beyond is the grand finale of the story in which a descendant of the main character, accidentally finds himself beyond the boundaries of the universe. He falls for an eternity without dying, only tortured by the cold vastness of the void he now finds himself falling through until he falls into a new universe that is being devoured by the Elder God(s) at its center. He is told by this God that his suffering will end if he agrees to open the way to his home universe. The subject agrees, and with this, it tears away into our world and begins the process of consuming all life in our universe.

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