Track By Tracks: Viserion - Natural Selection (2021)

1. Desolation:

We wanted to open the album with a song that had a rapid explosive pace to it. Desolation is about an immortal who wakes in a world that is a lifeless barren wasteland and the pain he faces by simply existing.

2. Tortured Soul:

Tortured soul begins by continuing the instrumental onslaught that desolation leaves us with. However, it changes pace and includes an interlude to bring an atmospheric depth to the song. Lyrically it is about the suffering we face every day once we are born into this world.

3. Vaporized:

We approached Vaporized by creating a chaotic musical environment that varies in pace. The theme of this track is about the horrors that a survivor would witness after the detonation of an atomic bomb. The backing vocals emulate the screams of pain and terror.

4. Natural Selection:

For the title track we created a unique sound on the record by moving certain accents to make a 4/4 time signature seem off time. As for the lyrics we used the definition of what Natural Selection is. This part of life is necessary and inescapable, and we matched that intensity by building the track up until its fast-paced ending.

5. The Wraith (feat. Trevor Strnad):

The Wraith was written in true Viserion style with heavy chords that give way to quickly strummed verse parts. For this song we also included a vocal reprieve filled with tremolo picking which is unique on the record. The lyrics are a story about a person who dies only to be stuck on this plane of existence. His anger and hate take control as he becomes a wraith who inflicts suffering and death upon all who stumble upon him.

6. Abandoned:

This is the only song that features a keyboard on it. We felt the ending part would benefit from this extra element. This song starts out fast and builds into a crescendo at the end. This matches the lyrics and vocal delivery to convey the agony of being abandoned by someone.

7. Malevolent:

For Malevolent we start slow and heavy instrumentally with guttural vocals and bleak dark lyrics. The song gradually accelerates more and moreover its course with the lyrics matching the desperation of the instruments. The lyrics are about the last evil released from Pandora’s box: hope. This is the last song on the album which finishes like it started with a frenzied pace.

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