Track By Tracks: Evoking Winds - Towards Homestead (2021)

1. By the River she Cried:

This Belarusian traditional song is telling the grief of the young maiden who had to marry an old man. Only the river can hear her farewell cry for the life she dreamed of. Her river is here, her river will listen. In our folklore the river often symbolizes mother.

2. Oh Black Raven, Leave Me Be:

From ancient times up to World War II, this Russian traditional song was sung by the warriors who went into battle to defend their land.

3. In the Woods, on Yellow Sand:

This Belarusian traditional song blesses the new beginning, especially sung during winter solstice holidays.

4. Yurja:

Yurja is a pagan god of spring, crops, fertility, and virility. There used to be a spring holiday in Belarus associated with people calling for Yurja to open the earth out for spring dew, honey and crops. This instrumental track is based on this traditional melody.

5. Rye By Mountainside:

Our ancestors believed that each field had its own spirit maiden, who was born and died together with crops.

6. There by the Adamant Sea:

Young loss happened often in our past. This traditional song is about a maiden who lost her man.

7. Why You, River:

This Belarusian song is devoted to river (which often symbolizes mother in our lands). This melody is often sung as a lullaby and tells us about the connection between the mother and her children.

8. In Our Yard:

This traditional song is about the new birth, about the spirit who blessed the family entering our world.

9. Arrow’s Burial:

Arrow's burial is an ancient ritual the people of Belarus followed to save them from death. The arrow symbolizes the lightning which is deadly itself but is also known as a weapon of Piarun, the supreme god of our people, who is the patron of thunder, kingsmen and war.

10. Grateful Night (Shchedrik):

Shchedrik (Щедрик) is a famous Ukrainian traditional song that is now sung all over the world in the winter season. This is our interpretation of its main themes.

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