Track By Tracks: Ophelia's Eye - Fight For Us (2021)

1. Fight for Us:
Fight for Us is intended to encourage people to let go of everyday life through music, to immerse themselves and simply enjoy the concert but also a call to the metal community to support the smaller bands as well, presented with exaggerated, figurative but not literal language.
2. Speak Words of Destruction:
A processing of the partial separation, hostility and dishonesty of humanity and the desire to talk more and more openly with each other, to sort out problems and live more harmoniously together instead of relationships suddenly collapsing on you. Realization that most problems arise from poor or lack of communication.
3. Ophelia’s Eye:
Reference to the band name and the narrative of how we imagine Ophelia as a band: Mystical, attractive but also vicious and powerful. It makes you forget everything, both your enemies but also your friends and you drift more and more on a dark path.”
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