Track By Tracks: Toxic Ruin - Nightmare Eclipse (2021)

1. Until Everything is Gone:
I had this song written lyrically for quite a while before the music was written. Kinda just had it sitting and waiting for the right riffs. This is pretty much our version of Megadeth's Holy Wars. The song is my viewpoint of wars for religion. It also makes a statement about how easily your beliefs can be thrown to the wind when there is something to gian.It seems to me that a lot of people forget what they preach when there is something they want. So you could say that what the song boils down to is make sure if you're going to talk the talk, make sure you walk the walk or you look like a fool.

2. Ritual Rebirth:

This song was originally a concept as a follow up to a song on the album called "Toxic Ruin". That song is about a man who creates a devastating nuclear war and is the sole survivor in the hell he created. Ritual Rebirth is kind of taking that concept to what it would be like leading up to it. Pretty much what it boils down to is how mankind with our greed and lust for power will ultimately be the end of the world, leaving this planet as a desolate wasteland.

3. Defiler:

This song is about a serial killer. No one in particular, just a story about a man who abducts, tourtures and eventually kills women. This song is written from the killer's perspective and what he's thinking about as he goes through the act of killing. The start of every line in the verses starts with a question that he is asking himself about himself, and what his victim might be thinking. I figured we hadn't had a killer song yet so we needed one.

4. Voices of Death:

Personally I am a fan of video games, and while we were on tour I was playing a lot of Zelda - Breath of the Wild. This song is written about that. There's not much more to it other than that.

5. Divine Acclimation:

This song is written about Myan sacrifice. I'm not sure where the concept for this one really came from honestly. I just started writing words and that's what it ended up being about. After a little polishing when the music came to the end result is what you are hearing on the album. This song actually has my favorite lyric in it "The Priests on high, stand before the altar, Deity thirsts on the blood, like water". This is based on the belief that when a warrior got sacrificed, that the god stature would drink the blood.

6. Liquor Blood Bound:

I wrote this as your typical party thrash song. It's about going out to shows on the weekend and just partying real hard, day after day. Kind of how I spent my life in my early 20s haha. It's just an all-around song that we want people to mosh to and partake in the gang vocal spots once we start playing it live.

7. Nightmare Eclipse:

Once the music was all structured out for this one, I couldn't figure out what to write the last song of the album about. So after reaching out to a buddy Ryan for ideas, he had suggested that I write it about one of our favorite animes. Once he had suggested it I was all for it. This song was actually the fastest written song lyrically for me. I'm a huge fan of anime and had just rewatched the one this song is about. So it was all fresh in my mind. The chorus for this song is my favorite on the album and ended up being the title track. Some fans may notice which anime the album art for this album is loosely based off of. Marc Richards (heavy hand illustration) knocked it out of the park with us on this from concept to finish.

8. Lord of Pandemonium:

This song is a redo of a song off of our first album. This song pretty much boils down to a man being thrust into hell and becoming a god. Thus the name.

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