Track By Tracks: I Was Born Twice - Nemiza (2021)

1. GeT a FKNG GRiP:

When you treated someone as an brother, and someone hit you with an dagger from the back, you can't expect anything else than clearing this out by the method he choose. In the old days, when people got some problems with each other, they met, talk, sometimes fight and then end up in bar drinking beer together... this is how things were, and should be, this is how I wish people should still resolve problems - but in novadays, it's simplier to get high and talk shit behind your back expecting you won't ever know, but when you confront someone, they reject saying anything. F this... Message to all of fake friends - Grow your balls or get some dignity and stfu...

2. PaGaN Way oF LiFe:

This track musicaly was pure experiment, mixing hardbass and deathcore together. It was pure "middle school youtube times" inspiration. Lyrics are about being free, not by the way the system taught us - real free, believing in what you want, having sexuality you want, and being honest with yourself. Earth is big enough to fit anyone here, with all possibily believes and characters - if you're happy with yourself, you shouldn't be intolerant for other - sooner people realize that, sooner we won't need paradise as we will made it here on earth 

3. The NeverEnding Bleeding:

This is the first track we made up together with Tomek Madzia. We focused on something that this band never had before - dedicated guitarist, so we wanted to show Tomek skills in playing guitar and composing synths. Title is the moderated childhood movie "Neverending story". This was a hard time for me, missing my son and having a court fight for seeing him, so it all ended up raged and exaggerated in lyrics but the main meaning behind it is simple - no one will take me away from my child and I'll fight anyone and anything to be the best father I can be. 

4. TikTok TReND:

As the name says. Trends are sometimes funny and sometimes worse than real vandalism. We're heading to the point, where people will do anything for views... to be "15 seconds star" on tiktok... I don't have anything against this app, I use it by myself, but people peeing in their pants, or gluing teeth with superglue should get some help... really...

5. FLaT A$$ KaRDaSHiaN WaNNaBe:

Another hardbass experiment, but worse haha :D ... with some horrible autotune and polka elements too! Lyrics are about faking friendship - and how someone could fake for profits, for 13 years... this is beyond my imagination and understanding but here we are having this kind of people. Better see that now than even more later. 

6. GooDFellaS:

Name of this track is taken from a 1990, Martin Scorsese's movie as the story is quite similar to something I experienced in my life. Mixing having doubts about being the person you see in the mirror and trying to stand your ground defending your name. Sometimes in your life, you didn't do anything wrong by purpose, but end up being the scapegoat. How you act about it says how man you are. Respect yourself more than your enemies, no regrets, no compromises, no mercy. About the music - it's moderated by Tomek Madzia riffs I made some time ago, so it's one of most "numetal" influenced tracks on the album. 

7. PoLoNia's T-800:

Words in this track are hidden... it's a heavy, headbanging track. Writing this song was 5 minutes for me - but mixing, adding more value, overlayed instruments, hidden meaning, and some composing tricks was few days at a minimum to achieve final result. 

8 - BeTWeeN (ft.Jacek Hiro):

In this song you can hear Jacek Hiro playing solo in the bridge part, who's the best polish metal guitarist known from Kat & Roman Kostrzewski, ex. Virgin Snatch, or ex. Decapitated and many many many more. He made an awesome feature and I'm so glad we could play in this song together as he was my idol and later on my teacher when I was guitarist back in the MirrordeaD times. The song is about being forgotten by the gods and religions, drifting in the middle of nowhere waiting for reincarnation or being erased, or just anything besides losing your own mind in emptiness. 

9. I NeeD U...To Go:

The last track on the album is one of the song I have written a long time ago, back in 2018/19 I think... and now Tomek was able to make the guitar sound even more catchy with his playing style, and it qualified the track as "highschool holiday beach song" so we decided to put it on the set. Lyrics are the most positive words on this album, and they're about facing your fears, complexes, and all the bullshit you have in your head that's putting you down in your eyes. Find the energy in you and love yourself goddamit... 

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