Track By Tracks: The Magic Bus - Το Κάστρο (2021)

1. Κοντό Φιτίλι (Konto Fitili / Short Fuze):

A song about all these times you're feeling ready to explode. Throughout the song the protagonist's feelings are mirrored by natural phenomena. 

2. Ταξίδι Εντός (Taksidi Entos / Inner Journey):

A retrospective on one self's past. It is up to the listener to decide if the journey is metaphorical or literal. 

3. Το Σπίτι του Αστερίωνα (To Spiti tu Asteriona / The House of Asterion):

This song is based on J.L. Borges' short story of the same title. The greek mythological creature Minotaur is addressing the audience and tries to narrate its life and explain its behavior. 

4. Ψυχοστασία (Psichostasia / Weighing of Soul):

Inspired by the ancient Egyptian's customs regarding the afterlife, the lyrics follow the protagonist's attempts to atone. 

5. Το Κάστρο (To Kastro / The Castle):

A song about the transition from childhood to manhood. The memories are represented by a tree castle which fades as the child grows, just to revive again when a new kid takes their place. 

6. Παραμύθι (Paramithi / Fairytale):

Just like the title suggests, this song is in fact a fairytale. An old king is desperate to find a knight champion to be the realm's protector only to discover that the last one of them is fed up with fights and wants a peaceful life. 

7. Σκονισμένα Μυστικά (Skonismena Mistika / Dusty Secrets):

This one is about regrets. An old toy brings back memories and then life choices are called to question. 

8. Η Πράσινη Νεράιδα (I Prasini Neraida / The Green Fairy):

There's a shebeen serving absinthe to shadowy characters. It's on the listener to decide if they're in fact wise people from the past, like philosophers, or just drunks who think that they hold the answers to everything. 

9. Υφαντόκοσμος (Ifadokosmos / Weaveworld):

Despite living in a suppressing society, dare to hold your life together and dream, even if it’s all in vain, is what this song is all about. It's vaguely inspired by Clive Barker's book of the same title.

10. Στη Γη της Επαγγελίας (Sti Gi tis Epagelias / At the Promised Land):

A tale about the land of milk and honey, a personal Ithaca and a lost wandering soul that ended up there as an outsider.

11. Το Πλοίο των Τρελών (To Plio ton trelon / The Ship of Fools):

This one is inspired by Sebastian Brant's "Das Narrenschiff". As fools ourselves, we take the steer and guide our lives towards the open sea of possibilities.

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