Behind The Artworks: SOMNENT – GARDENS FROM GRAVES (2021)

The quest for finding the proper artwork to represent Gardens from Graves started almost immediately after the album title was conceived. I had some rough ideas of my own as far as album art is concerned and I even tried creating something myself in Photoshop as I had done for the past two releases. However, everything I came up with was either utter shit or did not convey the message I wanted it to. So I started looking around at the works of various artists over the course of about a month or so and then I stumbled upon Augusto Peixoto’s work (Iron Doom Design). Almost immediately, I knew that his style was exactly what I was looking for. What I did not expect however, was that he would have an album cover that perfectly went along with the concept for the new album.

First off, I knew I wanted something with flower motifs incorporated in the art. Not only to coincide with the “gardens” aspect which represents the growth that takes place after rebuilding one’s self. But also because they represent the important role that my wife and her side of the family have played for me. Then there are the roots which are growing out of the arms holding hands. This to me represented self-reflection and correction. Something which requires going all the way down to the core of what makes up who were are. Going back to our childhood experiences and taking care of those aspects of ourselves that may have been forgotten and neglected. Looking at the pains and sorrows, and attempting to resolve them. And then there are the hands holding one another, showing that this process cannot be done alone. And there is the other set of hands which are being held in the form of prayer, which to me represents hope. Hope for happiness. Hope for inner peace. And finally there is the heart in the center. Representing to me the importance of tending to our emotions, developing emotional intelligence, and how our emotions play a pivotal role in all aspects of our lives.

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