Behind The Tracks: Flinch - Give In (Single) (2021)

Flinch was a unique puzzle to put together. From the recording process, to the video, we wanted all the elements to be angsty and aggressive, but it had to still feel like you’re having a good time in the middle of all that turmoil.
To capture that glass half full of angst sound in the recording, it went beyond dialing in the bones of the song. We wanted it to feel epic at parts, like the triple vocal layer at the end where it’s myself, Brian (lead guitar) and Sam (bass) all stacking together. But we also wanted to add an ambiance that could hit the listeners subconscious, like the reverb drops scattered throughout and the swirling guitars as you come out of the bridge. In hindsight, this kind of makes it seem like we designed the “soundscapes” of the song. That is definitely not how we approached it. We’re not that lame. The video was tricky. The lyrics are very story driven and are based on true events, but it’s too on the nose to just reenact everything word for word. So the narrative became more of a launchpad for the world the video is set in. We maybe should have picked a world with a more agreeable climate. One where you can run down the street in a full suit without immediately getting heat stroke. The shots were worth it though. We’re incredibly happy with what we captured in this song and couldn’t be more excited to release it. Make sure to subscribe/follow us to stay up to date on all things Give In!

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