Behind The Tracks: Jamie Stoffa - Day 52 (Single) (2021)

The title refers to the day of lockdown that I made the drums, it was on day 52. Ironically, and contrary to what seems to be the obvious assumption, the lyrics weren’t written about the pandemic or any conspiracy about it. The story is actually heavily influenced by the show “Animals” on HBO and (of course) “The Walking Dead.” The story is told with more detail in the video, but in the big picture, the song is about the zombie apocalypse triggered by a biological attack. The survivor telling the story, and his group, lasts until day 52 when their hideout becomes surrounded by the sick. The main character decides to sacrifice himself by dousing the room in gasoline, letting the infected in, while the others escape; and lighting it on fire. Unfortunately, the remaining survivors learn that fire is ineffective on them. The story ends with the main character turning into a zombie and doing…well, zombie things.

In the video, however, there is a second story interwoven with the main concept. The subplot begins in a board room meeting at ‘The Capitol,’ where the president, his advisors, and top scientists are discussing the cure. It later picks back up with the president making a gruesome discovery in the lab. Scientists are dead and the lab is trashed. The scientist responsible appears in the doorway of the lab. As the president questions him, he stabs the president revealing his motivation. Control. The video is a lyric video by Poseidon Media, featuring a comic book, illustrated by Lawrence Crow, that tells the full story we wanted to tell.

Although the song came together rather quickly, this has been something Billy and I have been talking about doing for a few years now. I am glad we finally got to do something together though.

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