Behind The Tracks: Stay For Tomorrow - Non Applicable (Na Na) (Single) (2021)

Formed in 2018, Stay For Tomorrow are an energetic four piece alternative rock band from Dunfermline. Inspired by the likes of Twin Atlantic, Biffy Clyro and Foo Fighters, they burst onto the Fife scene in 2019 with their debut single Kings and Queens , swiftly followed by second single Rumours. Their 3rd single Criminal was a collaborative effort with Aveleen Rose. The band’s last release I Don’t Need You To Save Me was well received, picking up airplay and great reviews, both national and global.

New single Non Applicable (Na Na) is an explosive, rebellious rock song. The lyrics deliver a powerful message to people living in a ‘failing system’, refusing to step in line and making a mockery of instructed orders as if they are gibberish. People are unaware of the signs, sirens and state of emergency that surrounds them and the time has come for it to end. Non Applicable (Na Na) is not just a song, it’s a wake up call!

“This song is important to us for many reasons. Lyrically we are screaming out to people about serious topics and are out to shake foundations. It can be interpreted down to a personal level to spit back at those who have gotten you down/control you or looked at as vocal ammunition against a ‘failing system’, a message to unite and ‘re-ignite what’s human, enough is enough!’ We wanted to make a song that was bigger and better than anything we had previously created and strived to make a huge sounding track. We feel like we have really stepped things up from this point forth. Non Applicable (Na Na) is just the beginning of Stay For Tomorrow 2.0”

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