Track By Tracks: Amoth - The Hour Of The Wolf (2021)

1. Alice:

The first track / the ”heavy metal” track of the album. The verse riff of this song was shown to me by Alice Cooper in my dream! I woke up and immediately wrote the riff down. That’s where the name of this song comes from, so thanks Alice!

There are two main characters in this song: a stripper and her pimp. The lyrics are almost like a dialogue between those two.

Very catchy and ”easy to get into” song with strong and rememberable melodies. I knew this song needed an 80’s style chorus so that’s what it has.

2. The Man Who Watches The World Burn:

Very loosely based on the Joker character from the Batman movies. The world is burning before your very eyes, how do you react? It’s a new world and it’s in chaos and you must adjust to that idea. The only down-tuned song in the whole album. Oh, and it has a bass solo!

3. Wounded Faith:

One of the thrashier songs on the album. Very fast with complex solos. Also very dark lyrically. It’s about burning (yourself) out and having suicidal thoughts. There’s no hope in sight in this one.

4. Wind Serenade (part I):

The first instrumental of the album. This song has only guitar and keyboards. Beautiful clean guitar ”tapping” and a place to relax before the coming storm…

5. Wind Serenade (part II):

A direct ”sequel” of the ”part I” but this has the whole band (except vocals). Has distortion guitar melodies and solos. This is for the guitar nerds out there! Steve Vai and Joe Satriani fans will love this. Also for the fans of instrumental guitar music in general.

6. We Own The Night:

Okay, so this is one of the most complex songs of the whole album! Has many parts and different tempos and time signatures. It’s a strange one. What makes this song special is the contrast between the band and the vocals. The music is fast and heavy and has blast beats and stuff but the vocals remain calm and haunting.

Be careful what you wish for…If you curse someone, it might just work. There’s more going on in the darkness than meets the eye.

7. It Ain’t Over Yet:

A full-scale thrash attack with no mercy! This is about school bullying or bullying in general. We are totally against bullying! Unfortunately, it’s a thing that’s going on all around the world. Remember if you’re a bully that it may be over for you but it ain’t over for the victim. Things might get ugly if the bullied person decides to retaliate…

8. Traces In The Snow:

The ballad of the album. We are very pleased how this turned out! I think many people will like this even if they don’t otherwise listen to metal music. Very strong lyrical content. Can’t wait for people to hear this.

9. The Hour of The Wolf:

The title track of the album. A very very personal song lyrically. There was a time when I couldn’t even listen to the song without getting emotional. I think many people can appreciate the lyrics and reflect them on their own life.

Musically there’s a lot going on. Lots of cool melodies and riffs and A LOT of solos. Many parts in this song, including the solos, were played and recorded at the hour of the wolf.

”The hour of the wolf is the hour between night and dawn. The hour when most people die, when sleep is deepest when nightmares are most real. It is the hour when the sleepless are haunted by their deepest fears when ghosts and demons are most powerful.”

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