Track By Tracks: The Matterhorn Project - Traveler (2021)

1. Traveler:

The self-titled track is about the journey and constant transformations we go though, physically and mentally. It is also inspired by the notion of how we see ourselves after we revisit childhood places and memories.

2. The Dead Zone:

I was messing on the guitar while watching Stephen King’s The Dead Zone one night, and that became the foundation of this track. The lyrics are also inspired by the book / movie’s idea of the different paths and choices we have or don’t have.

3. Forward:

This is an instrumental piece created and recorded live by looping beats and instruments. The title represents the recurring but forward nature of our lives.

4. Reconciliation:

This track is about self-reflection of someone who is coming to terms with the person they have become.

5. North:

This is also an instrumental live looped track. “North” was the first word that I came up with for the title.

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