Track By Tracks: Vrag - Harcom (2021)

1. Harcom / My Struggle:

The ars poetica of the record. It perfectly sums up what the whole album is about. Wherever you roam the world, whatever you watch on TV or on the internet, but you find your inner peace in your small village, in the mountains or in the woods, then you will soon realise that this world is only a struggle for you. You cannot identify yourself with these principles. You can only fight against this world.

2. Belül halott / Dead Inside:

In our whole life we are marching towards death. However, many will die inside way before their time, if they do not dare say goodbye to silence, if they do not carry their crosses on their backs. If we accept today’s principles, we will die inside. Our only chance is to get back to our roots, for what nowadays we have to fight.

3. Az én keresztem / My Cross:

Everyone has their own cross. We might have expensive cars, lots of money, but with all these just new battles are waiting for us and it just takes us quicker to the point, where we will be dead inside.

„My cross is to find an answer, when time comes, I can leave my life behind…”

4. Ott vagy a szélben / You Are There in The Wind:

This song is a farewell to a person, who is no longer with us, but showed me that one can fight not only with weapons. When he left, such storm raged at night that I have never experienced in my life before. Since then, whenever I hear the howling wind, I know he returned. He is there in the wind and fighting on my side till the day I will join him.

5. Búcsúzom a némaságtól / I Say Goodbye to Silence:

The day of recognition will come in everyone’s life. The day, when we have to admit that the thoughts, the lifestyle what nowadays they try to force upon us from everywhere, that leads us on a path to nowhere. The nihil, the denial of our past, which is the beginning of the extermination of ourselves, the trampling of loyalty and honesty into the mud is not a viable path. However, if we recognize this, then we must say goodbye to silence.

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