Band Biographies: Basterds

Basterds is a 5-piece metalcore band formed in late 2016 from Drummondville, Québec.They started off by recording a 5-track demo in 2017 called "The Greatest Shame", followed by an EP in 2019 called "Deliver Me", and now in 2021, they're teaming up with Hell for Breakfast to unveil their first full-length project, "A Place to Call Hell".You can expect a perfect mix of aggressive & melodic metalcore for this one, perfect for all the hardcore music lovers that want the ideal soundtrack to headbang & mosh to.

Recorded at House Of Gain Studio with Max Lacroix (better known for his work with Blind Witness, Sudden Waves, Boundaries and Horcrux), the Canadian heavy hitter brought the band's sound to a whole new level.On top of having already released multiple projects for their fans to feast on, Basterds started playing shows in 2017 and have since performed in multiple cities across Québec and Ontario, sharing the stage with bands like Obey The Brave, Knocked Loose, Get the Shot and Obliterate.

Their energy on stage is nothing less than infectious and anyone who's seen them perform will tell you the same thing: they're the next big international metalcore act to come out of Québec

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