Band Biographies: Feels Like Home

Feels Like Home was created in 2011 with the desire to bring their rendition of metalcore music to the stage and on record. Since then, the band has taken their sound to a unique place combining heavy elements of hardcore with the melodic elements of their metalcore roots. With unrelenting drums and powerful vocals to add to the mix, Feels Like Home has become a household name in the metal scene throughout eastern Canada. Since the release of their full-length debut album “Integrity” in 2015, the band has performed across eastern Canada numerous times and has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with similar but well-known acts such as Despised Icon, Born of Osiris, Stick To Your Guns, Chelsea Grin, Wage War, The Word Alive and more! From load-in to load-out, Feels Like Home delivers a performance that is cutting-edge, professional and full of heart. The band is now gearing up to release new and highly anticipated music which will be available in summer 2021!

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