Behind The Artworks: The Dark Horde - Singles (2021)

The first cover created by the artist Aldo “Valgorth” Requena (of Hammerblaze Studios, Argentina). Pictured here is a caricature of the main character of the album, Henry Wilcox, corrupted by the malignant force known as the Dark Horde that surround him. In desperation and despair, Henry is seeking to claw his own eyes out, perhaps guided by the Dark Horde, to render himself blind to the truth of how things actually are. Henry seeks the mask of knowledge.
The look of the band logo and single title (like that for the other singles and album itself) were intentionally made to match that of the supernatural horror novel that follows the story, also called The Dark Horde.

The second cover created by Aldo. Pictured here is the main character of the album, Henry, as a little boy experiencing one of his “visions” of the Dark Horde. Immobile, he stands at the open door to his bedroom, his sanctuary, that is being breached by a demonic werewolf-like entity reaching out for him – an entity of the Dark Horde.

The third cover created by Aldo. Depicted here is Henry as a boy once more, but this time running from the Dark Horde, through the darkened forest around his home, his face marked with fear. Behind and in the trees the Dark Horde lurk and loom, marking young Henry as a victim – their victim.

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