Behind The Artworks: Disconnected Souls - Petrichor (2021)

The artwork for "Petrichor" features a photograph of an open landscape edited with the texture of an oil painting to form the backdrop to a centerpiece of storm clouds. Holly wanted to create something that was predominantly composed of natural imagery with a sense of something supernatural present. The track itself is very experimental and avant-garde following a non-standard song structure; it's a musical interpretation of the phenomenon of petrichor reflecting the randomness of nature. The art hopefully reflects this to some degree. We have had a habit of placing a hooded figure somewhere in the midst of our previous cover art pieces but we chose not to do that this time. The music is removed, or disconnected (pardon the pun), from humanity to focus on the natural world.

It also reflects that we're venturing into a new chapter with our releases. Our sound is still very focused on experimentation and entwining orchestration, metal and electronics in every way possible, but we're now pushing things even further. We've learnt a lot through releasing Warring Elements and "Petrichor" is the first step in unveiling this to our listeners. Every track we release is different with our new single being no exception, hopefully the music combined with the art will give enjoyment to our fans in an unexpected way.

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