Behind The Tracks: Disconnected Souls - Petrichor (Single) (2021)

Our new single "Petrichor" is a compositional experiment that breaks the norm in terms of song structure. The natural phenomenon of petrichor - the earthy scent after heavy rainfall - is the inspiration for the track, not just lyrically, but also reflected in the structure of the music. The first section consists of a dramatic metal riff that produces a thundering sound. Whereas the second section of the track is a mixture of classical, folk, and electronic instruments dancing through contrapuntal melodies. It feels random, as a reflection of the randomness in which rain falls, but it is actually incredibly tightly structured. Drawing inspiration from various classical and baroque forms and amalgamating them into something unique, the melodies that derive from a simple four-chord structure, develop continuously throughout.

The contrast of instrumentation and minor/major tonalities is rather blunt but that's the point. It's the drama of a thunderstorm suddenly transitioning into the calmer, more gentle rainfall. The vocals in this track are not intended to take the main focus all of the time, hence the seemingly odd placement of lyrics and backing vocals. The lyrics are the voice of 'Gaia' - the Earth. The idea of the Earth being anthropomorphized and given a voice is something we find interesting. With the state of the world as it is today, Holly attempted to devise lyrics that may reflect how the Earth would feel. It's a piece of dark and light, exploring both the 'good' and the 'bad'. More than anything, "Petrichor" has enabled us to experiment with drastically different compositional techniques from our usual methods to produce something more unusual.

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