Behind The Tracks: Starcoast - Around (Single) (2021)

As a family, we moved into a house together in the humble, eccentric city of Richmond, VA. The pandemic had pressed pause on our second go-around to the U.K., which appeared and promised to be a grand adventure and exploration further into the bubbling indie rock scene going on. The shift into the house was of necessity, as a band the music stays awake when the story of our lives tends to move. We picked up jobs working in various places, and in the late evenings after our shifts, we would go into our studio to play out the moments we felt during the day.

Like most during the pandemic, we felt the frozen feelings of loneliness and malaise that covid had blanketed everyone with. On top of that, we tended to talk about the people we met in our day jobs and their stories seemed to always kind of tell the same thing. We were so lucky to have been able to pay our bills n stuff, but gosh the meaning and purpose of it all was so easy to lose. The workplace kool-aid tasted bitter and the feelings of anxiety were real. People seemed to ask more than ever questions like, “Why am I here?” “What am I even doing?” We felt that way too. We cherished our once a week get out night at our favorite local English Pub, Rosie Connolly's. We never really had done that before, together like that. The chips and ciders seemed to wash the work off us.

We wrote “Around” really fast, it came together and it just felt right to put out now. We found that once we kind of took notice of being in a cycle, we could leave it and then figure out a road off that track. The song was dizzying to record, being up until 4 a.m. doing the percussive and auxiliary parts at the end. We were using tape measures and empty bottles for instruments. We hope “Around” will assist people to for a second realize we can always change our path, no matter how hard it may seem or how dizzying it may feel.

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