Track By Tracks: Depleted Uranium - Origins (2021)

1. Depleted Uranium:

Lyrically, it makes a case for general apathy towards "the system" while accepting that you're on your own to navigate through life. No one's coming to save you. Figure your shit out. Musically, we wanted to be in and out in under 1 minute.

2. The Tear and the Flood:

Lyrically, it is ultimately about death. It's about accepting that you will end and maybe making that happen before it happens on it's own. Musically, it was to create the shock of transition, a before and after moment like a car accident or amputation, and you will never go back ever again.

3. Alpha Particles:

Lyrically - ”Life will end, and what counts is how you felt, when you could breathe” along with the never ending quest of “why?”. Musically, it was as we do with our music, but it dawned the first 5/4 time on our journey in an attempt to fuse Power Violence with Math Metal. It evolved our dual vocals and the band as a whole. To this date we have never tired of playing it.

4.Van Halen Radiation Belt:

Lyrically, this song is about the concept that morality is relative and not absolute. Things aren't so black and white;”You’re with us or you're with the terrorists”. Musically, it was a throw back to simplified early punk song progressions, but done our way. Get in, get ‘er done and get out.

5. Beta Particles:

Lyrically, this song is about being socially marginalized. For whatever reason. It's about society's aim to "cure" those who are different. To assimilate or destroy vs accept, by any means necessary. Musically, it was born when we were starting to solidify in our songwriting and the process was fairly quick. The big transition in the middle was due to our 4-track recorder eating the tape of the first demo recording and when we listened back, it made the song. Once Blair (2nd guitar) joined, it was the song which began highlighting the simplified dual guitar harmonies.

6. Counter Balance:

Lyrically - “How long must I buy your lies? Shut my mouth, swallow my pride? Bow my head and kneel? While you write the pages of history in blood?”. Musically, it is our longest album song at just over 3 minutes and was originally 2 different songs which got fused together, hence the length. The end breakdown of this song sums up the journey through it, and this song truly made the music and lyrics one unit upon the end precipice of the song, along with all future rehearsals and recordings as a band.

7. Deficiencies:

Lyrics - It’s hard to change people's minds sometimes. Musically, it was a thrash rock out song written after the intensity of Counter Balance. It is meant to bring you back to why you start making music in the first place; to rock out and have fun!

8. Small Odds:

Lyrics - “If you believe, there will be a brighter day”. Lyrics (Andrew) - The strive for freedom, however, an individual may interpret that and never give up, learning and success are based on countless failures. Musically, another throwback to Melodic Hardcore with a mathy intro. Also a change of key from many songs on the album, the idea was to keep it simple as the dual vocals are the front line.

9. Open Wound Diaries:

Lyrics: This song is about suicide. Musically, it further expressed our math itch and the simplified dual guitar harmonies. It was meant to be a thunder cloud of sound, seemingly out of control yet totally calculated while giving a dark, chaotic ambiance for the lyrics.

10. Percentages (Bonus Track):

Lyrics are about losing control of your own thoughts and mind to propaganda and mainstream thinking. “Too late, or not, it is your choice”. Musically, it was another fusion of 2 songs and a switch back to melody. It was recorded in 2008 and features Matt Kozma on bass (2007-2009) minus Corey (existing bass) and Blair (2nd guitar). It is also only available on the Physical CD of Origins as a Bonus Track. Throughout the song, it represents the album journey as it contains an influence of all songs on the album, and is to be listened to as the finale.

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