Track By Tracks: Iscuron - The Pursuit Of Unhappiness (2021)

1. This fog will not dispel:

This is probably the most intimate song I wrote so far. It is about my way of living in relation with the people and the world I need to relate with. I obviously need a certain level of relations and interactions to live my life, however I try to limit them to the essential and to remain detached and remote. In this metaphor I’m casting a spell that creates a fog between me and the other people and things of this world so that I can still interact when needed, but in a foggy safe place.

2. The pursuit of unhappiness:

I believe humanity is self-illuded of living for the pursuit of happiness, however we are going fast towards unhappiness instead. We are accelerating so-called progress, we create and develop new things and technologies every day, however average unhappiness is the only thing that is accelerating here. I feel like we are like sailors and explorers that boldly navigate to new places that are actually un-pleasant or like Icarus flying with wings of wax, towards the sun.

3. Europa:

By my point of view the current beauty (art, poetry, literature, monuments, castles, cities etc.) of Europe, my continent, is the sum and the consequence of centuries of conflict, hate and wars. I don’t think Europe would be this beautiful with a different historical background. I believe that conflict generates improvement. (Fake) harmony and quiet generates mediocrity, degeneration and emptiness.

4. Village of the evil cult:

A metaphor of my view of the current world that is driven by the global “single thought” conformism. It is like most of the world population is under the influence of a cult that dominates their thoughts and manages to globalize wishes, aspirations and values replacing individual will. It’s like everyone is trapped in a village dominated by the cult and now they are loyal to it and don’t want to look outside. I’m recommending everyone to stay away from this village.

5. The monastery of sorrow:

A closer look to the cult that dominates the village of the previous track, I a very dark atmosphere. It is not against monks, friars, monasteries or Christianity in particular. I choose this metaphor to represent a small group of people self-electing themselves as the holders of the truth, the values and the moral of the majority.

6. The north star no longer shines:

The north star was a very important reference for sailors to navigate by night. I see humanity now sailing like the north star stopped shining. Leaving the expanse she took away orientation, hopes, dreams, directions and left us wandering with no destination.

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