Track By Tracks: Sarah Halter - A Clockwork Destiny (2021)

1. A Clockwork Destiny:

“A Clockwork Destiny” is a song that took me a while to put in its final form. There are several sections with different riff sections, a blazing, complex guitar solo, and back-and-forth vocal styles between clean and distorted vocals. Lyric-wise, I intended it to be a story from the perspective of a post-apocalyptic event survivor. The idea of running out of time is ever-present in this song. Of course, I like to leave song meanings up to interpretation, but anyone who understands oppression, division, discrimination, and discord could see it as such.

2. Frozen Magnolias:

“Frozen Magnolias” is an up-tempo guitar riff-driven song that is about time running out, but in a different sense than in “A Clockwork Destiny”. You could say it goes along with the subject matter of regretting lost time toward the end of life. “A Clockwork Destiny” is a lot more urgent and visceral while “Frozen Magnolias” is more frenetic, melodic while still maintaining a high intensity especially in the breakdowns.

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