Band Biographies: KidsPlayDead

We are a snotty punk band from fuckin’ Freiburg in South-Germany. We’ve been around since 2015 and last week, we released our third publication, the “Cyberbullying”- single (online only; hence the title) which was recorded on Halloween 2021. This makes us look pretty lazy, but that’s only partially true: after our second EP our former guitar player left and it took a while to find someone to replace him. When we were just in full swing again, the world got even crazier and more annoying. This was the state of affairs for the last twenty months. But now, as things seem to brighten up, we’re ready to bring our interpretation of punk rock to the people: snotty and sometimes also dark, but always melodic. Since the files are too big for an email, I’ll send you a link via wetransfer where you can download the songs if you want. You can also head over to bandcamp:

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