Band Biographies: Pornographic Sunset

Ballistically bright and impossible to restrain, oblivious to expectations and wilfully ignorant of boundaries and ‘good taste’, Pornographic Sunset are a firework display against the night sky of reality. New EP, Gold; Flesh; Dirt fizzes with dangerous levels of exuberance and invites your body to move in sympathetic abandon. Even those who grow anxious at the very suggestion of tripping the light fantastic may find their internal organs twitching in a disconcerting display of unprecedented cool.

This proudly Leeds-based band know what they’re doing is right and it’s up to you to work out why. Comparisons serve little purpose here but, were you to seek kindred spirits, you might tip your hat towards Martin Bisis’s work at B.C. studio (one time home to Sonic Youth, Swans, Cop Shoot Cop and the like); or you might haul out an old copy of C/Z records compilation Teriyaki Asthma and wonder how Pornographic Sunset managed to catapult themselves some thirty years into the future. At any event, comparisons lack lustre when grinding riffs give way to chicken-pickin’ country grooves via lysergic indie drones, so it’s probably just easier to admit defeat, pick up the EP and play it at neighbour- threatening volume until the ceiling collapses.

If the world truly does get the media it deserves, then the ravaged remains of the UK both deserve and require the services of Pornographic Sunset. As the band themselves are fond of saying: “it’s just a bad dream”.


Daniel B. - Vocals
Dave M. - Guitar
Louis W. - Drums
Roger M. - Bass

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