Behind The Artworks: Tymo - The Art Of A Maniac (2022)

The album has a common theme of destruction and chaos. Themes of destruction to gain control and take over! Lyrically and musically, the album moves very fast. We wanted to create a feeling of chaos happening all around the listener! We touch on subjects like mental illness, alien invasion, civil conflicts, social media, and substance abuse! We accompany that with fast riffs, shreddy solo’s and thick angry vocals!

With the word "art" in the title, we immediately thought of Bob Ross! We wanted to have a contrast of positive and negative. In the artwork, the world has been destroyed, and we felt that it would be fun to put an evil Bob Ross in the middle of it. He was always a positive personality, and we felt that it contrasted well with his happy little mistakes! Andrei Bouzikov did an amazing job bringing this concept to life!

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