Behind The Tracks: Basement Gary - Are You Alone On Christmas Day (Single) (2021)

After thousands of records sold and a great amount of sweat spread worldwide on stages with their other bands, Jean (Can’t Bear This Party!) and François (Freygolo) have teamed up together to start a common project, Basement Gary is born.

Following the release of their first tape (surprisingly named «Tape») a few years back, Basement Gary completed the line up with Julien (Freygolo) on drums and Hubert (South Berkeley) on guitar and Keyboard.

Last November, the 4 guys from the South of France came back with « BG is for Basement Gary », a catchy pop punk single teasing their forthcoming record As BG as they wanna be.

On top of preparing for said album, Basement Gary wanted to gift us with a pop punk Christmas song. « You’re not a pop punk band until you got your own Christmas song », it started as a joke between the BG members which ended up as a brand new song you can play around when decorating the house on Christmas Day.

The new single ‘Are You Alone On Christmas Day’ is written in the Garys pop-punk style and starts with an acoustic guitar before they enter with drums, electric guitars and keys. You can hear the piano, sleigh bells and tambourine too, just what you needed to get into the holiday spirit. The song is about lovers, or friends, trying to be together on Christmas day and Jean, François and Hubert keep the emotional touch singing some catchy melodies over multipart backing harmonies.

The song comes along with a video directed with a DIY work-ethic and spirit by Toti, a long time friend of the band. In the video the guys get together for a Christmas party, as they do every year. A Christmas party packed full of decorations, food, wine and of course a lot of fun !!!

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