Track By Tracks: De Arma - Strayed In Shadows (2021)

1. Pain of the Past:

“Pain of the Past” is a song about the struggle of letting go of the past. How one still maintains a fragmented connection with moments that have left lifelong implications on one’s mortal existence. About profound yet self-destructive relationships. And the wallowing in self-pity without ever letting oneself move forward entirely. When your mind wishes those days will never come true, while the heart still craves a return to times gone by.

2. City Vultures:

The song is about finding yourself trapped in a place devoid of any sense of belonging – where both the surroundings and those who dwell within it are so unlike you that they drain your will to live. An environment which changes your reflection in the mirror to that of an utter stranger. Where impulsive and poor choices become the norm and lunacy feels close at hand. You know very well what needs to be done, yet the circumstances leave you with only one path forward: a claustrophobic passage with vultures circling overhead, waiting for your spirit to vacate its vessel and turn body into cadaver.

3. Illusions of Love:

As for this single… well, we never had any serious intentions of writing a ballad, but many will probably place Illusions of Love in that box. As implied by the title, it’s a song about being disillusioned with love. The longing for something you wish for but that will never appear.

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