Track By Tracks: INDEMON - Fear Of Living (2022)

1. Shield:

The first track is a fast thrash opener that goes full speed ahead. The song is about nature’s resistance to the damage done by humans.

2. In the Rear with the Gear:

The second track has groove and thrash mixed together in a way that keeps things interesting throughout the song. ”In the Rear with the Gear” tells the tale of expendable lives in the war zone while the one’s in command stay safe and sound.

3. Supreme Proctection:

The heaviest and slowest song of the EP. "Supreme Protection” is about an overprotective mother who takes things too far and eventually, this, unfortunately, spells the end for her offspring.

4. Ground Zero:

Pure thrash from start to finish. ”Ground Zero” is a double bass laced riff barrage that makes heads bang. This track is more or less about cannibalism.

5. Fear of Living:

The title track does not easy up one bit. It’s the fastest song on the whole EP and has a dark theme about suicide, death and substance abuse.

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