Track By Tracks: Tymo - The Art Of A Maniac (2022)

1. Tymonicide:

A fast instrumental opener to warm the listener up to the band and the new record! It leads directly into the next track “Sanity Clause.” Similar to Megadeth’s “Into The Lungs Of Hell” leading into “Set The World Afire.”

2. Sanity Clause:

An angry thrasher touching on the subjects of suicide and the journey to hell to relive the pain over and over again! The riffs accompany the vocals in anger and it cuts through the pain like a razor! A fast punch in the face to start off the album!
3. Mars Attacks: Possibly Tymo’s new thrash anthem. Lyrically it’s about the film and the comics “Mars Attacks.” It tells the story of the Martians annihilating the human race and taking over the Earth! The riffs morph into each very smoothly. If you love old school Exodus, you will love Mars Attacks!

4. Estrogenocide:

One of the groovier and gallopy tracks on the album! Lyrically it tells the story of women taking over the Earth and slaughtering all of the men to create a Utopia! Surviving men are enslaved for their seed to continue the human race! This track was inspired by the Rick & Morty Episode “Gazorpazorp.”

5. Age Of Deception:

A groovy, progressive, jazz fusion inspired track, similar to Megadeth’s first two records “Killing Is My Business” and “Peace Sells.” The song touches on the subject of social media abuse and how people change once they get behind technology! The human race is now very connected yet very distant from each other!

6. The Roy Parson Project:

A song with a mix of fast thrash and groove metal! It’s inspired by Roy Parson from the Rick & Morty episode “Mortynight Run.” It touches on the subject of Roy’s journey and the effects of video game addiction. We like to escape real life to find more enjoyment in the virtual world! If you’re a Lich King fan, you love this track!

7. War Beneath The Skull:

The slowest and most progressive song on the album. A journey through different time signatures and felt changes. It’s a groovefest with some industrial elements! Lyrically it’s about the internal fight that comes with mental illness. Always having a battle with yourself!

8. The Art Of A Maniac:

The title track of the album is definitely the angriest and most ferocious song on the album! The riffs are fast and will satisfy any thrash metal fan, this song has a little bit of everything from the album. The lyrics were inspired by “Art The Clown” and “The Devil's Rejects.” It follows the point of view of a mass murderer on a killing spree. A full on maniac!

9. Alcoholocaust:

Tymo’s party and drinking anthem! This is Tymo’s “Whiplash.” Fast open string riffs that take you on a wild ride! It tells the story of Tymo on tour and partying their way through every town! Very Municipal Waste inspired! We wanted to end the album with a bang and we feel this song delivers!

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