Behind The Tracks: A Permanent Shadow - This Energy (Single) (2022)

Our new single "This Energy" is a plea to reconnect with Mother Earth and all she has gifted us with. The song is a rumination on how modern society has lost touch with nature and human interaction. Granted, COVID did certainly not help matters, however, the pandemic only helped accelerate a trend of online vs. face-to-face which in turn foments a style-over-substance approach to life. While we let others see us at our happiest, busiest and most successful on social media, no one knows or even cares how we feel on the inside. As the chorus implies, all we need is Energy and Love to get by.

We recorded the original album version as an homage to nineties Funk Pop, especially Norman Cook's Freak Power hit "Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out". Just for the sake of it we added the famous "Sex Machine" guitar riff to the outro. For the single remix our producer Valen Nieto reinvented the track as a Synthpop stomper reminiscent of early Depeche Mode, Yazoo or Hurts.

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