Track By Tracks: Caveat - Alchemy (2022)

1. Silver:

One of the more melodic songs on the album with catchy hooks, verses & an infectious chorus that touches on the silver lining of your actions & how they create the foundation for one’s existence.

2. Alchemy:

One of the more proggier songs on the album, this song really showcases Amanda’s powerhouse voice as well as Matt’s incredible bass performance. This song deals with addiction & how we are in search of the magic elixir (in so many cases alcohol) that will make us a perceived better version of ourselves, which in almost every case turns out to be the opposite.

3. Infinite:

This was the first song written for this album & is by far the heaviest song on the album with an almost Gojira feel at times. The lyrics explore peeling away & coming to terms with our own fears & how fear motivates so much of our human lives, with lines like “We feed upon the will of what grows in shadows”.

4. Black Mirror:

One of the more experimental songs on the album, this song was written, inspired & lyrically based on the Black Mirror episode called White Christmas, which is based on the idea of imprisoning the human mind with modern technology & basically playing God. Dark stuff.

5. Ghost:

This was the last song that was written for this album & is probably the best indication of what is to come for future Caveat music. This is probably the most progressive song on the album, with twist & turns galore. The lyrics deal with trying to overcome your personal demons that keep pulling you down the rabbit hole into depression & personal turmoil. Kind of like a ghost that haunts you that no one else can see or feel but you.

6. Until Dawn:

The music for this song was written by Casey & was an exploration of the idea of writing an epically big Devin Townsend type song with huge chords, massive vocals & a positive message about finally finding someone that truly connects with you & takes you from the dark to the light so to speak. Lyrically this song was written about Greg’s family & the positive impact that his wife & kids have had on his life. Super metal I know...

7. Zero Hour:

Probably the most melodic song on the album, this was one of the last songs written for the album & really focuses on Amanda’s incredible voice & creating huge hooks with soaring melodies throughout the song. Lyrically this song was written around the time that Greg’s mother was dealing with dementia throughout the last month of her life before eventually passing away peacefully Very personal & introspective lyrics make this one very near & dear to the band; Greg & Amanda in particular who both went through losing their mothers during the making of this album.

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